Otto at BEAM 2023

BEAM is the UK’s largest showcase of new musical theatre, this year taking place in the Oxford Playhouse from 25th-26th of May. Selected from 265 pitches around the UK, 29 shows were featured, of which Otto Weidt’s Brush and Broom Workshop for the Blind was proud to be one.

Our fabulous team of actors; Gillian Dean, Jake Sawyers, Natalia Blomberg and Aarian Mehrabani , and support workers; Taylor Martin and Leighton Williams, were nothing short of amazing, performing excerpts of the show in a ‘long slot’ of 25 minutes.

We were honoured to have shared the stage with such talented writers and are super inspired and excited for the future of new UK musicals!

Keep an eye out for upcoming Otto news!

Image 1: A yellow title page with the name of the show and writers above a graphic of a broom
Image 2: 29 show titles in a tiled formation with line graphics symbolising each show
Image 3: Five actors and a keyboard player on stage performing with brooms.

Best of Friends

Lucy and her friends sing and dance to our new song, ‘Best of Friends’, where they realise how boring it would be if everyone was the same.

What’s On Stage

Read the What’s On Stage article announcing the upcoming Signal Online, featuring our new song, ‘It’s You’, by Amir Shoenfeld and Caitlyn Burt.


‘It’s You’ debuted at the first ever SIGNAL Online

In the midst of cancelations and isolations, Adam Lenson’s Signal performance decided to keep its scheduled date, swapping what would have been a live BEAM2020 event, for a ground-breaking online format. Direct from composer’s houses all over the globe, SIGNAL ONLINE streamed live performances of new musical works.

Making its debut, ‘It’s You’, from our new musical ‘Out of Sight’ was performed by Amir Shoenfeld.


‘From Inspiration to Stage’ Podcast - (Im)Perfect Rhyme

Hear Caitlyn’s opinion on the perfect/imperfect rhyme debate, along with the song ‘Offspring Just Spring Off’ by Amir Shoenfeld and herself, from their children’s musical, ‘Sheila the Tiny Turtle’.

The battle lines are drawn as Drew asks one of the big questions surrounding lyric writing.  From all over the world, lyricists have had their say on whether rhymes should be perfect, or if imperfect rhymes are now the norm.  What’s the answer?  Join Drew along with a very distinguished group of artists including Noel Katz, Caitlyn Burt, Cal Silbertstein, Krishna Alexandra, Millicent Sarre and Makayla Ryan as they tackle this fascinating topic.  This episode also features an array of songs from new musicals including tracks by Cal Silberstein and Jinhee Kim, Krishna Alexandra and Lorien Patton, Caitlyn Burt and Amir Shoenfeld, and Drew Lane himself.  Get ready for a passionate debate!


Garden Theatre Songwriting Challenge

We are really excited to have our song ‘A Man Called John’ selected as one of the winners of the Garden Theatre Song Writing Challenge! A ‘watch party’ will be taking place on Tuesday 26.5.20 on the Garden Theatre Facebook page, 5.00pm (EST), where our song will be sung by the very talented Valerie Torres-Rosario.

Garden Theatre Songwriting Performance

‘A Man Called John’ selected as one of the winners of the Garden Theatre Song Writing Challenge! Watch the very talented Valerie Torres-Rosario’s performance.

Johanna, a very clever 16 year old woman in the year 819, has been secretly reading about John the Baptist with her friend Lucas. When she realises she won’t have access to books anymore, she resolves to change where her future is heading.

Bite-Sized Broadway Podcast

Announcement of Bite-Sized Broadway Podcast Musical, ‘Sheila the Tiny Turtle’

Amir Shoenfeld (Music) and Caitlyn Burt (Book and Lyrics) are excited to announce that ‘Sheila, the Tiny Turtle’, our 20 minute Aussie musical, will be part of the Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast season. Episodes premiere on October 5th, with Sheila’s date to be confirmed.

Bite-Sized Broadway: A Mini-Musical Podcast consists of 50-minute episodes each featuring a 10-to-20-minute “mini-musical” presented as a fully produced radio play complete with top-of-the-line digital orchestrations and captivating sound effects. Each musical is followed by a discussion with its writers about their piece and their careers. In order to support these gifted writers, we have cast top Broadway and theatre industry talent to help get eyes and ears on these writers and help them launch a fruitful career in the theatre.

In the Australian desert, a family of turtles works hard to find food for their sick mother. Sheila, the cleverest – yet smallest – turtle of the family, is mocked by her brothers for not being able to contribute due to her size. When Sheila hears about a cure located dangerously far across the desert, she determines to bring the seeds back to save her mum. While crossing the sand, Sheila encounters a kangaroo, followed by a dingo, where she is forced to use her brain instead of her size to overcome the obstacles and make her mum well.

Go to for more information!

SIGNAL Online 6

‘Rich, Dead Saint’ Debuted at SIGNAL ONLINE 6

Introducing a new project, Amir and Caitlyn sing ‘Rich, Dead, Saint’ from their work based on 90s computer game, Grim Fandango at Signal Online 6.